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All about the money: The U.K. had no choice but to use Huawei in its 5G networks
Chinese technology mega-company Huawei will be one of the suppliers building the U.K.’s 5G networks. The decision follows lengthy delays, much indecision, and considerable pressure on Britain from the U.S. government to not use the firm’s telecom equipment at all.The decision is hardly a shock, and neither is the middle-ground stance the government has taken. Huawei is the world leader in 5G infrastructure, and has
America’s sex ed sucks. Sex tech is trying to fill the void
America has a sex ed problem.As of January 1, 2020, only 27 of the 50 states mandate both sex and HIV education. More startlingly, seven of these states specifically require negative information to be provided on homosexuality and/or positive emphasis on heterosexuality, according to data compiled by the Guttmacher Institute.Yikes.The quality of America’s sexual education curriculum is questionable at best, and reprehensible at its worst. Without proper
How The Lion King visual effects team used VR to go inside Disney’s CG adventure
DisneyDisney is no stranger to reinventing its most popular properties, and that’s exactly what the studio did with 2019’s The Lion King, a remake of the 1994 feature of the same name that swapped traditional animation for a photo-realistic, computer-generated environment and animal characters.Directed by Jon Favreau, the film follows a young lion cub named Simba who must embrace his destiny as ruler of the land and avenge
Coronavirus Thwarts Business Travelers Who ‘Need to Be in the Room’
Alex Richter had a choice: Stay or go.As the director of an industrial parts supplier in Toronto, Mr. Richter does a lot of business in China. This month, he was scheduled to visit several Chinese cities to conduct quality-control assessments and meet with local partners.But the recent spread of the deadly coronavirus, which has claimed more than 250 lives and prompted businesses in China to shut down, gave
Trump Is Expected to Showcase U.S. Economy in State of the Union
WASHINGTON — President Trump is expected to use his State of the Union address on Tuesday to bask in what he calls the “blue-collar boom” underway across the country. In doing so, he will be playing to his strongest area with voters as he seeks re-election, but also overstating the strength of an economy that has slowed or stalled on several key measures.Under Mr. Trump, the current economic expansion
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